Weight Loss

The 20 best exercises in body weight

Bodybuilding consists of applying resistance movements using the weight of your body (pumps, abs, traction …). Used in the disciplines of street workout , barhitting or crossfit , exercises can be practiced anywhere and anytime, since they require little or no material. And they have the advantage of providing a cladding and a muscular volume, […]

Skin Care

Strawberries favor skin health

Did you know that, among its many properties, strawberries can help us take care of skin health and prevent the early appearance of wrinkles? Strawberries apart from being delicious are a source of antioxidants that take care of skin health. It is a fruit with medicinal and cosmetic properties. It is an excellent antioxidant and […]

Weight Loss

What is the ideal lunch for a sportsman?

Often neglected and consumed quickly, lunch is an important meal in the day, especially for a sportsman if he wants to perform. The meal must be complete and balanced. What is an ideal lunch for an athlete? Lunch should bring to the body all the nutrients necessary for its proper functioning (about 40% of the […]

Health and topics

Diabetes and oral medication

DIABETES IN BRIEF Diabetes is a condition that is characterized by insufficient insulin production or inadequate cell response to the effects of insulin. This results in too much blood sugar (hyperglycemia). This phenomenon is responsible for complications related to diabetes, which affect the heart, kidneys, nerves, blood vessels and eyes, more or less long term. WHY AND […]

Health and topics

Pregnancy diabetes

PREGNANCY DIABETES OR GESTATIONAL DIABETES For a pregnant woman, nothing is more normal than to yearn for a pregnancy without a hitch. However, some illnesses can occur when a child is expected, such as gestational diabetes or pregnancy diabetes. Gestational diabetes is an elevation, usually moderate, of blood sugar, which is diagnosed for the first time during […]

Health and topics

Depression: an illness that heals

WHY DOES DEPRESSION OCCUR? The most likely cause of depression is undoubtedly an imbalance of certain chemicals in our brain that act as messengers. Other factors may contribute to triggering depression, such as heredity, illness, stress, drug or alcohol abuse, and the occurrence of significant events. That being said, it is clear that the ideal treatment will […]