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Against varicose veins, put yourself to sport!

Diseased veins often prominent, varicose veins are most often located on the lower limbs . Associated with a venous insufficiency, they affect three women for a man .

Are you looking for a natural Insta Keto Cost solution to prevent or limit varicose veins? Put yourself to sport! Small praise of the benefits of physical exercise for the veins , and tips to choose between bike or walk.

The benefits of sport on varicose veins

Varicose veins are especially present in industrialized countries, and it is not a coincidence: factors favoring venous insufficiency , sedentary lifestyle and overweight do not rage all over the globe …

To prevent varicose veins or to make them worse, it is essential to regain a normal BMI and boost your venous circulation. That’s why sport is a great solution!

First, sport is the ally of thinning: count an average loss of 500 kcal per hour for the most effective practices, such as cycling. Then, nothing like the movement to activate the circulatory system and avoid heavy legs …

Make no mistake: top athletes wearing compression socks are not counterexamples. They are simply trying to improve their performance and their ability to recover.

Bike or walk? The best practices against varicose veins

If the sport is excellent for the health of the legs , some disciplines will allow you to obtain better results than others. Thus, when one wants to limit the appearance of varicose veins, it is advisable to privilege the sports soliciting the lower limbs.

However, practices that increase pressure on the legs and knees should be avoided . Sports not recommended for varicose veins include jogging, tennis, skiing, volleyball or fencing.

To reduce venous stasis and tingling in the lower limbs, the king of sports is swimming ! In weightlessness, you relieve your limbs while toning your veins. But other options are possible, such as cycling, gymnastics on the ground or walking.

What program to maximize the benefits of sport?

For noticeable effects on your blood circulation , do not settle for an occasional workout. The secret, as always, is regularity!

The best frequency? Two to three sessions a week.

And that’s not enough: in addition to sport, it’s important to walk a little bit every day! “My days are very busy, how can I find more time? Half an hour is enough: it can be the round trip to your car or to your metro. On break, go around the block instead of stagnating at the office!

Against varicose veins, limiting sedentary lifestyle is essential. That’s it, you have no excuse to dry the sport! Insta Keto And what’s more, it makes you lose weight …

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