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An app to count calories: a must have?

The answer is yes ! What could be simpler than listing the foods we plan to eat in a day and checking whether the calorie counting displayed is in our favor or not ? The “little extra” is to benefit from it on your mobile phone so that you have it on hand to add the creamy cake Nature Crave Keto Reviews on which you just cracked or to deduce the calories burned during your jogging!

A calorie counter: essential for losing weight?

If the diet you have chosen is based on a maximum number of cal / day, an application that counts calories will be of great help. We know that to lose weight you have to spend more calories than what you eat , this is called “creating a calorie deficit”. If you do not give your body enough energy, it will draw on its fat stores and you will lose weight. Counting calories means having the certainty of not making mistakes in your diet to lose weight.

Count your calories with your phone: slimness at your fingertips!

“I always have my phone with me, in the morning I enter my menus for the day in my app and I see where I am, it’s very effective. I know if I am entitled to small supplements or not. I got used to it very quickly and if I forget I am a little lost and I swallow anything. ”

The (free) mobile applications not only count the calories in food, they also analyze the amount of macro-nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and lipids) contained in food. To lose weight harmoniously, you must consume enough protein to prevent the body from tapping into the muscles to find it.

The goal of a slimming diet is to burn fat but especially not muscle. Some of the applications such as FatSecret, MyNetDiary and Yazio provide you with food databases where the nutritional values ​​of each are indicated . You will be able to scan the bar codes on food packaging and display the corresponding calories directly.

If the products are not present in the applications, it is up to you to create them and to indicate the number of calories which corresponds to them (internet or packaging). Once saved, your information is stored.

A calorie counter but not only: pros and cons

These apps display graphs, charts and all kinds of presentations that visualize your progress. Some even offer online chats, which act as support groups. If you want to enter your weight and your goal in terms of pounds to lose , they calculate the number of calories to burn daily to get there.

One drawback for MyNetDiary is that it only exists in English, and even if the language used is simple, it can be debilitating. To lose weight, you must be aware that a balanced diet must be associated with a little sport, consuming energy. The MyFitnessPal Nature Crave Keto application can be combined with a pedometer which calculates the number of calories lost during walking or running activity while the Yazio application directly has this functionality , which makes your procedures a little easier.

Now that you know how to count calories, you just need to have the exact weight of the food you eat to avoid mistakes. For this, a weighing device like a household scale (digital is more precise) will be very useful.

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