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Antioxidants; What they are & where to find them

Antioxidants are certain substances found in some foods and help us avoid aging and various diseases.

Following an exemplary lifestyle through proper diet, frequent exercise and good rest, is the key to a much longer and happier life, since in this way the body is maintained in a more Super Fast Keto Boost optimal state and by both becomes more resistant to diseases, the passing of years and other conditions that can directly affect the cognitive system.

Unfortunately, today we live in a society that requires us to follow a busy pace of life in which stress, lack of sleep and exercise, as well as adequate food, are usually the daily bread.

When we talk about health, we must bear in mind that a slender body does not necessarily mean being in good condition, since food is not only about restricting a certain number of calories to avoid the accumulation of adipose tissue (fat), because the body also It requires nutrients (vitamins and minerals) to survive and perform at maximum daily tasks, as well as avoid diseases and other related conditions such as those mentioned above.

Iron, fiber, zinc, calcium, potassium and much more, include the list of these nutrients that the body requires to perform vital functions. And like all of them, the antioxidants that deserve an honorable mention also stand out thanks to their properties and health benefits. Surely you have already heard about them and if not, because they are substances that help prevent damage to cells, specifically those that are caused by oxidation.

This oxidation occurs because some oxygen molecules travel freely throughout the body, giving way to the formation of free radicals that have a close relationship with the growth of cancer cells, in addition to causing premature aging, heart disease and dementia .

The consumption of antioxidants helps us prevent these possible damages, as well as maintaining an adequate state in the tissues of the body (hair, skin, internal organs, nails) and significantly improving the conditions of the immune system that reacts to attacks by viruses and bacteria that cause all kinds of diseases.

Foods rich in antioxidants

Fortunately, antioxidants can be consumed either through capsules and certainly, with the foods that nature offers us, mainly fruits and vegetables that also contain Vitamin A, C, E, beta-carotene, flavonoids and lycopene.

The antioxidant levels for each food are measured by the ORAC Score (Radical Oxygen Absorption Capacity) by its acronym in English that practically measure the ability of plants to absorb and eliminate free radicals. There is no percentage of IDR (Recommended daily intake) of antioxidants, so they can be consumed with freedom.

Below is the list of foods with more antioxidants that was initially published by the National Institute of Age, based on the amount of these substances per 100 grams of the analyzed item.

  • Goji berries: 25 thousand points on the ORAC scale
  • Raspberries: 14 thousand points on the ORAC scale
  • Dark Chocolate: 21 thousand points on the ORAC scale
  • Nuts: 17 thousand points on the ORAC scale
  • Artichokes: 8,400 points on the ORAC scale
  • Ripe berries: 14 thousand points on the ORAC scale
  • Red beans: 8,400 points on the ORAC scale
  • Blueberries: 9,500 points on the ORAC scale
  • Blackberries: 5,300 points on the ORAC scale
  • Coriander: 8,100 points on the ORAC scale

Other foods such as natural salmon, pomegranates, strawberries and red wine are also antioxidant-rich foods that you should add to your diet for better health.

It is also worth mentioning that despite the great values ​​found in the foods mentioned above, the National Institute of Age also published a list of herbs rich in antioxidants and that surprisingly far exceed the amounts already described.

  • Cloves: 314,446 points on the ORAC scale
  • Cinnamon: 267,537 points on the ORAC scale
  • Oregano: 159,277 points on the ORAC scale
  • Turmeric: 102,700 points on the ORAC scale
  • Cocoa: 80,933 points on the ORAC scale
  • Cumin: 78,800 points on the ORAC scale
  • Parsley: 74,349 points on the ORAC scale
  • Basil: 67,553 points on the ORAC scale
  • Ginger: 28,811 points on the ORAC scale
  • Thyme: 27,426 points on the ORAC scale
  • Spices such as cayenne pepper, garlic and green tea also stand out.

Main benefits of antioxidants

Benefits of antioxidants for the skin

As mentioned earlier, the free radicals that are released through the oxidative process produce a series of cells that cause premature aging. However, some antioxidants such as Vitamin C, beta carotene, Vitamin E, among others, have beneficial properties for the skin, preventing dryness and improving its texture and exterior beauty.

Specifically, Vitamin C is excellent for combating the oxidative effect caused by pollution, stress or a low-nutrient diet.

Benefits of antioxidants for eye health

Again, some vitamins and minerals such as A, E and beta carotene act as defenders of the body by producing macular degeneration and age-induced blindness.

Other substances such as Lutein and Zeaxatin that we can find in spinach also play a similar role in eye health.

On the other hand, the flavonoids that are obtained through fruits such as blueberries, improve vision in general.

Benefits of antioxidants for the heart

Some of the cells produced through free radicals have also been related to heart disease, so consuming more antioxidants can help you have a much healthier cardiovascular system.

Although not all antioxidants Super Fast Keto Boost Reviews cause the same effect, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study in which it was found that people who have a higher consumption of Vitamin C, suffer from fewer complications in the circulatory system, which induces have a better cardiovascular condition.

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