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Avocado butter, a good home remedy against stretch marks?

If the properties of shea butter are frequently praised by the followers of natural cosmetics , the benefits of avocado butter are a little less known.

What exactly are its effects on the skin ? For example, can it help us prevent or reduce stretch marks ? Yes. Pegasus Diet Keto Zoom on a simple but effective care product.

Avocado butter, an effective ally against stretch marks

Often seen after rapid weight gain , and especially after pregnancy, unsightly stretch marks are deep tears in the skin.

Difficult to process, they win to be prevented. This is where avocado butter can be most useful: softener, this natural product will indeed increase the elasticity of your skin. Stronger, it will be better able to resist the strong distension at the origin of the welts …

“And if my skin is already damaged, can I use avocado butter? Yes, because he is regenerating. It is therefore likely to mitigate a little streaks. But do not expect the complete disappearance of the problem, which fortunately, with time, will be more and more discreet … Patience!

Cosmetic recipe: homemade avocado butter

Want to make your avocado butter to prevent or reduce tears? Here is a homemade recipe very easy to make:


– 70 ml of organic avocado vegetable oil – 20 ml of stearic acid – 10 ml of cetyl alcohol – 10 drops of vitamin E


– In a saucepan, melt stearic acid and cetyl alcohol.

– Off the heat, slowly add the avocado oil, then the vitamin E.

– Pour your avocado butter into a clean preserving jar.

Avocado butter, precious cosmetic qualities

Repairing, avocado butter also has other virtues for the skin . Very nourishing, it is the friend of dry to very dry skin, to which it restores all their comfort. Protective and soothing, it is also very suitable for sensitive skin or assaulted.

Rich in antioxidants, avocado butter is also an excellent care for mature skin, which helps to delay aging.

Finally, avocado butter is also suitable for the hair : applied in mask, it repairs and nourishes intensely the dry lengths and split ends, and softens the curly and frizzy hair.

Effective for reducing skin tears, Pegasus Diet Keto REVIEWS avocado butter is also a source of multiple benefits for the skin . So your spatulas to make your homemade butter!

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