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Beer belly, myth or reality?

Before you make the decision to take beer out of your life for a good time, you better read this article and find out how true this myth is.

If you are thinking of losing a few kilos, or if you think that the belly you have is due to the amount of beer you drink, you have to know that in reality, although there are many myths that revolve around “the beer belly”, it is very Little the reality that these Sure Cleanse Keto Reviews myths have. So before you make the decision to get beer out of your life for a while, you better read this article and find out how true it is that beer helps create a belly.

The false and the true about the beer belly

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are a lot of myths that revolve around the beer belly, being the most characteristic that beer makes you gain weight or your belly swells. But although all the people you know repeat it to you again and again it is better that you do not believe them, since the Official College of Physicians of Asturias has confirmed that the beer belly is a great myth . That’s right, this is not something that the neighbor’s cousin affirms, since this school has affirmed that if you drink two to three beers a day you are within the accepted levels of a balanced diet.

Apparently beer alone does not make you fat, but also helps reduce the risk of hypertension and diabetes. So this is something you should keep in mind every time someone tells you that you are getting fat from drinking beer.

The authors of this study have confirmed that we have the idea or concept of “the beer belly” thanks to the Anglo-Saxon culture, in which huge amounts of beer are drunk while consuming very greasy food, in addition to not making any type of physical activity.

These doctors claim that women can consume up to 2 beers a day and men can consume up to 3 without any weight gain. Although it is clear that this is accompanied by a diet low in bad fats.

The benefits of beer

You probably didn’t know, but the beer has folic acid, calcium, vitamins and iron. In addition to serving as an excellent protector for our cardiovascular system. It has also been proven that people who drink a “normal” amount of beer are less likely to suffer from diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

Beer helps us produce “good” cholesterol, in addition to regulating blood clotting, so it is a key piece in preventing myocardial infarctions.

So, if you have noticed that you have a big belly, it is probably because you have an unhealthy lifestyle that is not accompanied by good habits and physical activity. So then I will leave you a series of tips that you can follow to lose a few kilos:

  • Do not drink so much beer : Although I repeatedly mention that beer does not make you gain weight, if you drink more than three beers very often it is clear that if it helps you gain some weight.
  • Dark beer is better than light beer : Do you have any idea that dark beer contains more antioxidants than light beer?
  • Eat a healthy diet : The best thing you can do is eat grilled, steamed, baked foods and stay away from fried foods.
  • Eat foods with Omega 3 : Although you will not lose weight by simply eating foods with Omega 3, it is a fact that will help you prevent many diseases.
  • Get more exercise : If you have almost zero physical activity, you can start walking more often instead of using transportation to go to places that are not that far away. Although it is recommended that you practice a sport that you like and that motivates you.

So there you have it, now you know that beer is actually healthy and that it has good factors for our health, Sure Cleanse Keto but as they say “everything with measure”, so do not drink more than 2 or 3 beers a day, in addition to If you are going to drink beer every day, try to follow the advice mentioned above.

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