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Diabetes and nutrition: how to make the right choices?

Adopt a balanced diet

When we learn that we have diabetes, it is inevitable to have to make certain lifestyle changes such as:

  • losing weight,
  • and take new drugs.

It may be that all these measures, however essential, do not smile to you! Do not worry, you will achieve your health goals one step at a time. One of the most effective ways to achieve optimal control of your diabetes is to adapt your diet to this new reality.

If your doctor has told you that you are in the prediabetes stage , that is , developing the disease , losing weight and eating healthier foods will help delay your entry into the home. stage of diabetes itself.

If you have ever been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes , your doctor may have told you that you need to lose weight. In fact, this type of diabetes is closely linked to being overweight or obese. A more balanced diet and weight loss will bring you many benefits, including:

  • You will achieve better control of your blood sugar.
  • You will lower your blood cholesterol levels.
  • You will reduce the need for medication use.
  • You will minimize the risk of suffering from complications of diabetes.
  • You will extend your life expectancy.

If you are living with type 1 diabetes , it is equally important that you follow a diet that takes into account your specific needs and insulin use.


Understanding nutrition labels

We often eat foods without knowing exactly what they contain. If you live with diabetes, it’s even more important that you know what you ‘re eating and take the time to read the food labels you buy. Take the time to watch:

  1. the list of ingredients and their respective quantities;
  2. calorie intake
  3. the total amount of carbohydrates (sugar);
  4. the amount of fiber;
  5. the amount of fat, especially the bad (saturated, trans and cholesterol).

No matter what kind of diabetes you have (type 1 or 2 diabetes), adopting a healthy diet will play an important role in controlling your disease. – Marie-Claude Thivierge, pharmacist owner affiliated to the Hétrière branch.

Understanding nutritional labels


Establish a food plan

You probably know  , but did you know that there is a   The goal is to help nutritionists and people living with diabetes establish a personalized diet plan and integrate it into their daily lives.

Ask the help of a nutrition specialist to help you with your food choices. Nutritionists are health professionals who will help you develop an appropriate diet to help you achieve or maintain optimal blood glucose control and a healthy weight.To find out what resources are available in your area, contact the CLSC near  .


Adopt healthy eating habits

  • Adopt a regular schedule for your meals and snacks.
  • Do not skip meals. You must eat three meals a day and have healthy snacks.
  • Eat at each meal foods from each of the food groups.
  • Follow the recommended portions of Canada’s Food Guide or your nutrition specialist.
  • Opt for fiber-rich foods (eg, whole grain bread, legumes, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and high-fiber cereals). This will help slow the digestion of sugars, normalize your cholesterol levels, regulate the functioning of your intestines and give you a feeling of fullness.
  • Limit low-nutritious and sugary foods such as chocolate, donuts, cookies, fruit or soft drinks and cakes.
  • Limit foods high in bad fat (saturated, trans and cholesterol).
  • Keep a diary of what you eat.
  • Monitor your blood sugar regularly using your meter. This will make it easier for you to identify the changes you need to make to your diet based on the test results you will get.

To live well with diabetes and limit its impact on your health, you will probably make changes to your lifestyle. It is essential to proceed in stages with specific objectives for these changes to be sustainable .

It’s a safe bet that the reward for your efforts will extend well beyond the benefits to your diabetes. You will feel a sense of well-being and a sense of pride that will make the game worth it!

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