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Exercise routine to work all the muscles of the body

These are the acclaimed full-body exercise routines , and in them every day of training all the muscles of the body are worked, leaving at least one day between each workout. Normally Flow Fusion Reviews between 3 and 6 exercises are used per training session, using basic exercises.

Full body exercise routines, advantages and disadvantages


It is the best thing for beginners, it trains very frequently and exercises that stimulate a large amount of muscle mass, so it advances quickly.

You can gain enough strength in certain lifts since you can do them 3 times a week.

There are no laces.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time training.

Very good to define, since you can do a lot of cardio.

It can be compatible with other sports.


Not good for advanced.

It causes muscle decompensations because it does not allow much variety or volume.

We will never train two days in a row, so it will be trained day by day, no, it can be combined if desired with other types of routines, such as split or torso legs.

First we select a torso push exercise, a pull and a leg exercise, with 2-4 sets for each exercise, this will be mandatory.

Then we can optionally choose 1 chest or shoulder exercise (depending on the push exercise we have chosen).

1 torso pull exercise either vertically or horizontally, depending on what we have chosen at the beginning.

1 exercise for quadriceps or femoral depending on what we have chosen at the beginning.

And 1 exercise for biceps, triceps, twins and abs.

All these optional exercises will have between 1 and 3 sets and will go to more than 8 repetitions.

How to design a full body workout routine

Ways to train:

We can choose many ways to focus the routine, we can use a day in which we focus on gaining strength, Flow Fusion doing few repetitions but using a high load, another in which we focus on hypertrophy the muscle and another on which to gain strength as well.

They can be 3 days of force, 3 days of hypertrophy or even 1 of force, another of hypertrophy and another of metabolic circuit to burn fat, very good to define.

Example of a full body workout routine

Here I will give an example of a routine to define, in which one day will be of strength, another of hypertrophy and another to burn fat.

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