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How many calories burned thanks to the kangoo jump?

A Kangoo Jump session can burn up to 800 calories . This trendy and intense sport plays on the entertainment card to maintain motivation.

The Kangoo Jump, an original way to burn calories

The Kangoo Jump consists of Keto Trim 800 Reviews an original fitness session to say the least , since it involves rebounding while perched on rebound shoes. This activity requires a lot of energy, which allows you to burn 800 kcal per course!

It is a form of physical activity perfect for people who do not find themselves in more traditional exercises and need to have fun when they practice. As part of a slimming diet, this can be a great idea to accelerate weight loss!

In addition, Kangoo Jump is practiced in different forms: aerobic type (kangoo power), kick (for combat movements) or in the form of Kangoo Dance (dance).

Benefits of a Kangoo Jump session

Why add this activity to your sports routine? There are several reasons for this:

Better preserved joints (especially the knees) compared to other activities such as running or traditional strengthening

  • Muscle tone
  • Better endurance
  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Intense energy expenditure while having fun
  • Some contraindications exist, in particular in the case of pregnancy, cervical problems and overweight (more than 100 kilos).

How to get started?

When you are a beginner, shoes and having to learn to find your “natural” balance on them can be intimidating. Do not panic, the choreographies and movements are rather simple and the participants are quickly at ease.

A Kangoo Jump session opens with a warm-up and ends with a few stretches to properly prepare the body for a well-deserved recovery.

The best is to find a club near you that offers it, and listen to the opinions of those who already practice Kangoo Jump. Unlike Latin America where the discipline has been popularized , it can be difficult to find an address where to practice it nearby in other countries … for the moment.

In any case, the Keto Trim 800 Jump has been emulated all over the world for several years now . With a club nearby, you might as well get started!

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