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How to reduce your pigmentary tasks?


Have you ever consulted a professional, whether in health, finance or politics, without having grasped the message? What’s more frustrating than having a simple concept explained with complicated words! Never mind, here is a list of expressions for  different brown spots on the skin  :

  • pigment spots;
  • solar lentigo;
  • aging spots;
  • melasma;
  • chloasma;
  • pregnancy mask;
  • freckles;
  • freckles.

Admit it is strange to use so many elegant words to describe a phenomenon known to be a little less! Moreover, the  pigment spots  are the  third aesthetic concern of women after wrinkles and sagging skin . Fortunately, pigment spots are safe for health.


The skin produces a substance that is responsible for coloring it. This substance is called  melanin . In other words, melanin is the pigment of the skin. When the amount and localization of the pigment are unevenly on the surface of the pigment, the complexion becomes irregular. The disturbances in the production and distribution of the pigment are mainly caused by:

  • the sun;
  • age;
  • heredity;
  • hormones (estrogen)
  • some drugs.

When the   In some cases, they persist for several years.


The  . Any action to protect yourself is the best way to avoid the appearance or minimize the aggravation thereof. Do not hesitate to bring with you your most beautiful accessories to defend you: hat, sunglasses and umbrella!

As soon as There and Everywhere, even in the shade, it is essential to apply. Also avoid tanning salons, otherwise you will expose yourself to rays more powerful than those of the midday sun … and the effects of these false rays on your skin will be multiple and disastrous.

Be realistic, you can not change your genetics or your age! If your pigment spots are bothering you, here are some tips to help you mitigate them:

  •  The cigarette not only promotes the appearance of spots on your skin, but it also produces many other apparent effects. It tarnishes your complexion and accelerates the aging process of your skin, among others.
  • Keep your skin well hydrated. Drink a lot of water, but above all, apply a moisturizer every day.
  • A wide range of lightening products are available without prescription at the pharmacy: cleansers, corrective or anti-wrinkle treatments, moisturizers, etc. Used every day, they help to show a uniform and radiant complexion.
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  • When you purchase a skin care product, always consult your pharmacist or cosmetologist for the right product for your needs and budget.
  • For stubborn stains, consult your doctor or dermatologist . Following his evaluation, he can offer you a medical treatment (lightening products requiring a prescription, laser, peeling, etc.) adapted to reduce the type of pigment spots that you present.
  • If you suspect that the appearance of age spots is the side effect of a medication  you are taking,   or doctor. It will evaluate the cause-and-effect relationship and give you instructions for continuing or stopping this medication.
  • For any pigment spots that change in appearance, consult your doctor. It is the same for a mole: in case of change of color, shape size, thickness, or appearance, it is essential to consult quickly to make sure that it is not about a more serious problem, such as skin cancer.

Even if they are harmless, pigment spots can poison us. Now, whether we like them or not, these spots are simply the footprints that life leaves in its wake …

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