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How to work his trapezes with dumbbells?

Do not hold as much attention as abdominals , pecs or biceps, trapezius are yet muscles that need to be worked. Lacking physical exercises, trapezius can indeed be a zone of physical discomfort, even back pain or neck.

Muscle trapezius allows not only to avoid backache, cramps in the neck or between the shoulder blades and other genes , but also to have tonic and robust shoulders.

Trapeze bodybuilding: the efficiency of dumbbell shrug

Wanting to say shrug in English, shrug using dumbbells is an effective training mode for the work of trapezius muscles.

The exercise actually targets primarily the trapezius which extend on the upper part of the back, descend from the neck, between the shoulder blades. It is done as follows: standing, feet slightly apart, holding the dumbbells in neutral position in the hands, raise slowly as high as possible the shoulders.

In doing so, make sure to keep the arms straight, stretched along the body, look straight ahead, the neck and the back straight too. Keep the shoulders high position 2 seconds then release while exhaling. Repeat the movement at least 15 times.

Other effective exercises to work on his trapezoids

“I wish with a more muscular back, firm shoulders and not drooping”. If you are one of those who wants to have a strong and toned upper back without showing a muscular figure, the side elevation with dumbbells and bust angled 45 degrees forward will give you a toned back. and beautiful straight shoulders.

This exercise makes it possible to solicit more medium or lower trapezes. In each hand a dumbbell, the Ketogeniks Keto bust leaning forwards, raise the arms laterally keeping them straight until horizontal. The inclined rowing with dumbbells is another training that mainly targets the middle trapezoids . Standing, upper body bent, knees slightly bent, dumbbells in hands and arms stretched down, lift the dumbbells by bringing the elbows to the same level of the shoulders if possible.

Hold the position 1 to 2 seconds, then release.

Muscle trapezes safely: what you need to know

For efficient trapezius training without injuries , the correct execution of movements is important. If some trainings offer rotation of the shoulders, it is better not to practice them because they can harm the muscles of the rotator cuff.

For a safe workout, care should be taken not to overload and choose weights adapted to his physical condition.

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