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Lemon diet: Advantages, disadvantages and how to carry it out

Detoxify and purify your body with the lemon diet, with which you can lose weight very quickly and lose up to 1 size per week.

The lemon diet as it is popularly known, is a diet that although it has not marked a trend in the world of fitness, has come to stay and be used as a desperate resource to turn to when you want to eliminate those extra pounds They have been accumulating little by little over the months or even years.

But how effective is this diet? Does it really help you lose weight? Is it healthy? All these and more Super Fast Keto Boost questions are going to be analyzed one by one to determine if the lemon diet can really bring us the benefits of a conventional balanced diet, or if it is only one of those emerging diets in which results are achieved (and not precisely those desired) through food deprivation for short periods of time.

The properties of lemon and its benefits for the body

Before starting, we must review the properties of the lemon and how it can bring benefits to the body.

Although the list of foods with more vitamin C is not exactly headed by the lemon, the truth is that it has a considerable amount to position itself among the first, only behind other fruits such as kiwi. Despite this, much of the Vitamin C found in lemon is in the form of antioxidants that help delay the oxidative process of the body’s cells, preventing symptoms such as premature old age or helping to strengthen the system’s capacity Immune to fight viruses and bacteria.

We also know that together with garlic, they are known as nature’s antibacterials, developing a very important role in fighting infectious diseases since ancient times. For that reason it is usually used in an unimaginable amount of remedies for the flu, the cold, treat skin diseases, etc.

Its Vitamin C content and its antibacterial properties also make it an excellent anti-inflammatory, so it helps relieve throat infections, tonsillitis, mouth ulcers or gingivitis.

In addition to the aforementioned, it also has Vitamins of the B complex, Vitamin E and a cocktail of minerals, including calcium, zinc, copper, iron and much more. Nutrients that are essential for the body to perform vital functions.

Its antioxidant properties help eliminate fat cells that accumulate in the bloodstream, so it is excellent for treating cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis and high cholesterol.

lose weight factorsAnd the list continues; There is no doubt that lemon is a fruit with a lot of beneficial properties for the body, being in this way, highly recommended to include in any type of diet. But despite all this, is it appropriate to follow a diet based solely on the consumption of lemon? The truth is that anyone could say with no certainty that it is not and precisely because of this it is that in the Lemon Diet other foods such as lean meats, fruits and vegetables are integrated to supply the body with other nutrients necessary for its proper functioning.

What is the lemon diet?

This regimen is based on a five-day plan that seeks to eliminate the greatest number of kilos through the detoxification of the body.

Previous days:

In the previous days the body must be prepared for the sudden change of eating habits, so it is widely recommended to reduce the consumption of fats, sugars, alcohol, tobacco and other substances harmful to health.

Day 1: Monday

Drink lemon juice diluted in warm water. About 2 liters throughout the day. It is important not to sweeten or in case of doing so, use only Stevia or Honey, since otherwise the intoxicating substances contained in the processed products would be consumed.

Main meals should be limited only to the consumption of fresh vegetables, mainly herbs such as chard or spinach, as well as vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. It is important not to consume carbohydrate-rich vegetables such as bananas or potatoes.

Do not ingest any type of meat, however lean it may be.

Day 2: Tuesday

  • Breakfast / Snack: Infusion of lemon with stevia or honey
  • Half day: A grapefruit or orange
  • Lunch: 2 glasses of lemon juice diluted in water at room temperature; 1 large plate of carrot, tomato and watercress salad; 2 slices of pineapple
  • Dinner: 2 glasses of lemon juice and warm water; 1 medium plate of brown rice; 1 hard boiled egg; 1 pear

Day 3: Wednesday

  • Breakfast and snack: Lemon tea with sweetener
  • Half day: A grapefruit or orange
  • Lunch: 2 glasses of lemon juice diluted in water at room temperature; 1 grilled chicken breast with lemon; tomato salad with parsley, garlic and olive oil; 1 apple.
  • Dinner: 2 glasses of lemon juice diluted in water at room temperature; 1 serving of pumpkin pudding; 1 lettuce and tomato salad; 1 cup of 15 strawberries

Day 4: Thursday

  • Breakfast: Lemon tea with Stevia
  • Half day: A grapefruit or orange
  • Lunch: 2 glasses of lemon juice diluted in water at room temperature; 1 medium portion of grilled fish with lemon; eggplant salad; 2 slices of pineapple
  • Dinner: 3 glasses of lemon juice diluted in water at room temperature; 2 zucchini stuffed with brown rice and low-fat cheese; mashed carrots; 1 pear

Day 5: Friday

  • Breakfast: Lemon tea with stevia.
  • Half day: A grapefruit or orange.
  • Lunch: 2 glasses of lemon juice diluted in warm water; a serving of beef veal, 1 salad of different herbs with tomato and cucumber, 1 apple
  • Dinner: 2 glasses of lemon juice diluted in warm water; a portion of baked chicken leg without skin; spinach salad with light bechamel sauce; 2 slices of melon
  • Important : Consume water regularly throughout the day.

Advantages of the lemon diet

It is a detoxifying diet that helps burn those kilos of more cattle over the years.

Because it is based on the consumption of lemon, a large amount of C vitamins are taken that act as antioxidants to prevent premature aging, improve the quality of the immune system, etc.

It is an excellent alternative to adopt a much healthier lifestyle, completely reducing the intake of junk or excess fat foods.

It provides a caloric value that is too low, which leads to greater fat consumption as a source of energy for the body.

Disadvantages of the lemon diet

The body requires fats for the creation of vital cells and other hormones that perform essential functions in the body. In the absence of this macronutrient, the body will not be able to general those cells and / or hormones, so devastating side effects can be triggered if the regimen is continued for more than five days.

The same lack of fat can also lead to an excessive consumption of other foods, since with the intake of these a hormone known as leptin is produced and that plays an important role in the feeling of satiety.

Nor is much priority given to protein consumption, which eventually develops a condition known as muscle catabolism in which the body begins to feed on the muscles Super Fast Keto Boost Reviews themselves for energy. This implies the appearance of side effects such as having a slower metabolism.

It is a fleeting eating plan, which therefore cannot be maintained for more than 5 days, since otherwise it would adversely affect the proper development of the body.

It is not recommended for athletes who practice any physical activity on a regular basis, since the energy requirement of the sport, coupled with the caloric deficit of the diet, could cause a collapse in the athlete’s system.

Nor should it be carried out by people who have never undergone a more balanced regimen, as food shortages could cause an increase in appetite, as well as anxiety and other emotional disorders.

So, should or should not follow the lemon diet

It all depends on how you see it and what your current situation is. This diet is definitely not intended for people who practice a sport on a regular basis, since their caloric intake is extremely low compared to what a medium or high performance athlete would require.

Remember that if you have any doubt, it is best to consult with the medical specialist who should carry out a general evaluation of your body and lifestyle, so that based on your needs you can determine if following the lemon diet is ideal or not for you, or if there are other alternatives that help you detoxify your body.

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