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    David Beckham and Son Brooklyn in Car Accident - Pics |

    A photographer for X17 told the site, “I heard this loud sound and it was obviously a crash. It sounded really serious so we drove up the road to see what happened and realized it was Beckham. The front fender was dragging on the ground, making a scraping noise on the pavement. It was pretty bad."

    So far there is no word on who else may have been involved in the fender bender.

    David, wife Victoria and Brooklyn were also photographed leaving a West Hollywood gym on Saturday, although it is unknown if the workout took place before or after the accident.



    accidents in the home pictures - News

    Couple Taken To Hospital After Two Car Accident
    Please respect and abide by the house rules: Keep it clean, keep it civil, keep it truthful, stay on topic, be responsible, share your knowledge, and please suggest removal of comments that violate these standards. by Shelly Location: Waco on Apr 24,

    Chernobyl: A nuclear accident with no end?
    Chernobyl: A nuclear accident with no end? "The structure itself is almost a house of cards," says Dodd. "It was built with some robotics and under extreme conditions. And there are large gaping holes. If you go inside, you will see holes the size of picture windows with small mammals going in

    The Corner
    In an excellent 1986 article in The Ukrainian Quarterly, Yurii Bohatiuk translated the Moscow broadcast report introducing the story on Chornobyl: Now we show you a picture taken by a man at the Chornobyl atomic power station shortly after the accident

    Fukushima Could Be Worse — And It Will Be
    The Japanese government states that these are not the result of criticality accidents and then go right on to state that limited fission may be occurring. Do tell! If a neutron beam is observed at Fukushima (or anywhere else on earth),

    GE Illustrates Brand Reputation Challenges
    "Toyota's crisis was a matter of safety, and at the time of the scandal some accidents and even some deaths were being attributed to the recall issue. BP was an environmental issue and pictures of oiled birds and oil in the ocean can spark a strong

    Folder Problem "HELP!!"?

    Ok, I have a Windows 7 Home Premium Computer. I was deleting some files and by accident I deleted the picture folder. Because I din't know what to do I tried to make a new folder, "HERES THE PROBLEM" I created the folder but again accidentaly put it on my desktop and now I delete the folder and everytime I log in the folder is on my desktop again. I have AVG Internet Security 2011 and I scaned my computer, "NO VIRUZ" I have Malwarebytes

    right click on that folder and click properties if it is geniun my picture folder then u will see MY PICTURES folder options and press Restore default. or open my computer in library if there's Picture do the same process. I hope it will work

    POLL: How would YOU feel about this kind of behavior?

    Five days ago, I was at the public viewing of a celebrity who had passed on in a car accident a week ago. Even though I knew that fellow celebrities of this celebrity would most likely also be at the wake, paying my respect was far more important to me than getting a picture with celebrities so I purposely left my cellphone and camera at home. When I got there, I saw many girls taking pictures of themselves next to posters of the celebrity who had

    I wouldn't like it, that's just plain disrespectful. I think what you did was very good and honorable and I am sure the celebrity would be proud of you. I would have done the same thing.

    What douches.

    I think that the kids taking photos of the died celebrity was kinda rude because your at a wake their there to show respect not to at silly and take photos with the poster version of him.

    Race driver Sean Edwards killed as car hits wall at Queensland Raceway at ...

    But yesterday, nobody was able to save British driver Sean Edwards - the son of Formula 1 driver Guy - when the Porsche he was a passenger in hit the wall at Queensland Raceway, bursting into flames.

    In pictures: Sean Edwards killed at Queensland Raceway

    Edwards, 26, was killed instantly when the 996 series Porsche GT3 car ploughed into a tyre wall at about 210km/h.

    Queensland Raceway chief executive officer John Tetley said his general manager Keith Lewis and senior official Mike Dyson deserved "hero status'' for their efforts in trying to save the men.

    "(They) got into Fearless, our fire truck, and managed to pull the car from the burning tyres,'' he said.

    "We have a trauma paramedic on site and he was one of the first people to rush to the accident.

    "We probably used about 35 to 40 fire extinguishers and a 50kg fire bomb to put out the tyres.''

    Mr Tetley said the crash happened on the final turn.

    He said the Porsche went straight through the bend, crashing through tyres and into a cement barrier behind.