Be alert! Accidents hurt. construction accidents pictures, photo and pictures news.

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    Construction industry accident Pictures / Industrial Construction

    Accidents shouldn’t happen, but, if they do, they must be reported them immediately; not days or weeks later. Tell your foreman or supervisor when an accident or injury occurs. An accident analysis must also be conducted to try and determine how to prevent it from happening again.

    Even if no one is injured or no property damage occurs, don’t ignore the warning signs of a “near miss”. A “near miss” is a warning sign. Don’t wait until someone gets hurt – - report unsafe conditions and near misses before someone does get hurt. That someone could be you.



    construction accidents pictures - News

    Ad world's creative stars light up Cannes
    Daimler's campaign for the Mercedes Benz F-Cell hydrogen-powered car focused on how the technology is friendly to the environment by turning the car invisible with the help of LED construction. Daimler/Jung von Matt. Fullscreen. The 'Choose Later' ad

    Building Official Addresses Inspection Report In Shuckers Deck Collapse
    “The only thing we can tell you is that it collapsed,” Raul Rodriguez said in a press conference called days after the accident. The structural integrity of the aging deck has been called into question “My view is that the fact that he put pictures

    Injury in Cary construction accident
    Injury in Cary construction accident CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- There were injuries Wednesday morning in a construction accident in the 6100-block of Tryon Road in Cary. Pictures from the scene showed a large concrete pumping truck toppled over with its long boom arm extended in front of it.

    Update on the latest in business:
    U.S. builders broke ground on few homes in April, but that was mostly due to a decline in apartment construction, which tends to vary sharply from month to month. At the same time, applications for new construction surged 14 The agency says 51

    Incredible photographs reveal the hidden world of construction beneath New ...
    Incredible photographs reveal the hidden world of construction beneath New ... The MTA recently released never-before-seen photos of construction underground on the Second Avenue Subway line. The pictures span the Lately, construction on the line has been getting some negative attention after a series of accidents. In March 

    Tune out distractions – and tune into happiness

    Our ancestors looked to external noise for clues to threats. In a sense, we are doing that as we scan e-mails, newspapers and other information each day. At a basic level, noise distorts our reality – Las Vegas casinos overload our brains with sounds and lights to distract us from the reality that we’re losing money. He says that the noise from the information we receive, so much of it negative, pushes us into a “negative reality,” in which our equanimity is tipped, our stress heightened, and our potential limited.

    “If you can decrease the noise, it can have a huge impact on happiness. If we can find some balance – turn away from constant messages – the brain can scan the present for things you are grateful for,” the positive-psychology lecturer said in an interview.

    He points to a Fortune 100 company where he recently worked with the management team. They have a policy to use no technology on Sundays – to shut down. The result, they found, was greater productivity during the week owing to that day of rest. The policy, it’s worth noting, applied only to the top team, not others who work for them, which he found ironic.