Be alert! Accidents hurt. gross accident pictures, photo and pictures news.

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    Interstate 78 fatal truck crash case in Northampton County judge's hands
    Interstate 78 fatal truck crash case in Northampton County judge's hands By Tom Shortell | The Express-Times Enlarge Tim Wynkoop A firefighter sprays water from a hose onto burning wreckage of this morning's accident on Interstate 78 East. Express-Times Photo | TIM WYNKOOP I-78 East fatal accident gallery (19 photos) Zito

    'Work of Art' Recap, Episode 7: Rubbernecking
    'Work of Art' Recap, Episode 7: Rubbernecking Ms. Matson has almost definitely read JG Ballard's novel Crash. If she hasn't, she should, because she would love it. But, notwithstanding the fact that she was recently the victim of a grisly hit-and-run accident, she sticks to her hip,

    Accident robs former Browns lineman of life's memories
    who drafted him in the ninth round in 1984, sent some photos. NFL Films no longer has footage of the 1985 or '86 preseason, the only games he played for the Browns. The only former Brown he has spoken to since his accident was safety Al Gross,

    Holiday flicks
    (AP Photo/Warner Bros. Pictures) Native islander Matt King lives with his family in Hawaii. Their world shatters when a tragic accident leaves Matt's wife in a coma. Not only must Matt struggle with the stipulation in his wife's will that she be

    Marmite: love or hate its PR, you have to admit it's strong stuff
    Marmite: love or hate its PR, you have to admit it's strong stuff What was basically a minor road traffic accident in Yorkshire has, so far, generated almost 300 headlines, trended on Twitter and subjected us all to a lot of extremely bad puns. So what is it with the English and Marmite? What dark forces are behind

    Industrial piercing help?

    I got my industrial back in December, like right after christmas. It was sore for the first months and was really really crusty in the morning, but I'd always clean off the crusties with a q-tip, put on some bactine (although I admit I didn't clean it EVERY day) and go about my day.
    slowly it started healing up, and just about a week ago, I had the bar switched because the soreness was almost completely gone at that point. The piercer who switched


    im not a professional but maybe you are allergic to the type of metal it is

    Is Larry David really playing a surprising villain in Man of Steel 2?

    How is Starling City dealing in the aftermath of the Undertaking?

    Kreisberg: Not well. It took it on the chin in the finale. As bad as the city was in Season 1, it's even worse now. That's part of Oliver's journey this season. We always say, "So goes Oliver, so goes the city." He's in a very dark place and he really realizes in the premiere episode that he can't be the vigilante anymore. It's not enough to cross names off the list and target the one percent. That didn't work. He failed last year. This season really needs to be about something else. The city needs a hero. It needs a symbol of hope. That's why we titled Episode 1 "City of Heroes." That's our title for the season in an odd way, because it's really about heroes coming out of the woodwork like Oliver. Even the villains this season are going to view themselves as the hero.

    Will Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) stand trial for her involvement in the Undertaking? Source: io9