Be alert! Accidents hurt. pictures of accidents caused by texting, photo and pictures news.

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    Stop Texting and Driving -- And Spread the Word | Digiday

    San Francisco-based agency Evolution Bureau wants you to paint your thumbnail red — for a cause.

    Steve Babcock, executive creative director at EVB, has created a special social campaign and site called the “ Red Thumb Reminder ” to remind drivers to put down their smartphones and concentrate on the road instead of checking who just liked their photo on Instagram.

    As the site explains, all you have to do is paint one of your thumbnails red so that when you feel the urge to text and drive, you will put your phone right back down. Babcock got the idea from his 9-year-old daughter Berlin who ties a piece of yarn around her finger to remember something for school.



    pictures of accidents caused by texting - News

    Canton Whiz Kid: Team SOS
    They are campaigning to show teens graphic pictures of real texting and driving accidents, as well as the text that caused the accident. Hanscom said “you could hear a pin drop” when the devastation was connected to “LOL.” Team SOS is working to get “a

    Texting ban closer to becoming law in Texas
    Statistics show that using a cell phone while driving is one of the leading causes of accidents on roadways. Arlington city council is considering a strict ban that would outlaw all handheld use in cars. It is similar to ordinances in San Antonio and

    Students start campaign against texting and driving
    "Before starting this campaign, I texted while driving, thinking it wasn't a big deal," she said. "Since working on this campaign, reading stats on accidents caused by texting and driving and watching videos of people affected by it, I definitely make

    Handphone driving no better than drunk driving
    He said that police statistics do not reveal the number of accidents caused by the use of hand phones. However, several accidents are attributed to carelessness of the driver. Awareness of the safe use of hand phones while driving is still low among

    Schools promote safe driving on prom night
    Most of the 144 images were snapped at fatal accidents that involved alcohol. "We chose pictures that we thought would be impactful in demonstrating why people should not drink and drive," Luckoski said. In 2008, about 5800 15- to 20-year-olds were

    FAQ: Text message re-opt-in

    , Requires SMS programs to obtain "express written consent" from consumers before sending a text message, which includes two new disclosures:

    Text messages are sent from an automated system. Consent is not required to buy goods and services.

    We're asking customers to re-opt in to comply with the law and to protect ourselves from potentially expensive legal action. Aside from adding these provisions to our compliance language, our text programs will not change.

    Question: I received several messages from you on Monday and Tuesday, asking me to respond. Do I need to respond to all of them?

    Yes. If you've signed up for any of our news, weather and programming alerts, you will need to respond to a single message on Monday. That message will look like this:

    WVVA: Keep our text alerts coming. To comply w/ new law, Reply OK to accept msgs from an autodialed system. Consent not required for purchase. STOP=stop, HELP=help