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Pistachio butter: what benefits for bodybuilding?

Pistachio is a part of oilseeds and, like its companions, it contains a high dose of lipids . However, before you ban it, know that it can be very useful if you practice bodybuilding . We will decrypt for you all the benefits of pistachio butter!

Pistachio butter: unsuspected virtues for muscu!

In muscu, it is absolutely necessary to bring to the muscles all that they need to function. It is true that they are over solicited compared to the average person, sports or not.

Pistachio butter can bring an incredible amount of essential micronutrients to the bodybuilder ! Thanks to it, your body also recuperates faster and you can optimize your training phase while reducing the recovery phases.

Pistachio butter releases good fats to strengthen the brain and heart . It is also a good source of protein, equivalent to tuna or poultry. Finally, its antioxidant properties are particularly interesting.

An alternative to animal proteins!

Vegetarians and vegans already know , oilseeds are generally made to replace animal protein , while retaining satisfactory contributions.

In addition, the pistachio butter is a vegetable butter, vegan sportsmen can enjoy it. The nutritional value of this product is therefore more than interesting and largely offsets its bad reputation as too fat food! To have a guarantee of quality, it is recommended to turn to an organic butter.

Quality, more than quantity …

Indeed, you do not need to gorge on pistachio butter to appreciate the benefits. The equivalent of one nut a day is more than enough! To consume preferably in the morning or before your exercises.

Help, I want to prepare my butter myself, how to do it?

If you have a thermomix, it will be fast! Here is an easy homemade recipe:


  • 250 grams of organic and shelled pistachios
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil


Mix together your pistachios and cinnamon. The dough is homogeneous? Now give it a better texture thanks to coconut oil. You can add a little pinch of salt. Pour everything into a container.You can keep your pistachio butter in the fridge and take it out as needed to spread it.

Used rightly, pistachio butter can help you with bodybuilding, do not leave it out!

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