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Quick, beautiful skin for spring

When the weather comes, how to have a beautiful skin? Exfoliation, peeling … Follow the advice of our expert. To your notebooks!

At the end of the winter, tired and marked by lack of light, pollution and stress, our skin looks gray. It’s time to adopt Pure Reviva Derm  a new skincare routine to regain radiance . Careful removal, a cleaning deep skin , proper hydration and a healthy glow will make your best features.

Facelift !

The face must be maintained every day. Morning and evening you have to take care of it in four stages.


You remove the makeup, but also the accumulated impurities throughout the day .


When you clean your skin with a soap or gel, you finish removing the traces of makeup and impurities.


This step eliminates dead cells. It plays an important role in the prevention of skin aging, restores radiance, slows down acne, refines skin texture and tightens pores.


By moisturizing your skin, you act on cell renewal and promote the maintenance of the skin barrier. Hydration prevents the skin from drying out especially during seasonal changes. Do not think the skin needs less moisture when it’s hot. On the contrary, the sun also dries the skin, just like the cold.

Let’s move on to the body. “To obtain a uniform tan, it is important to unclog your skin from all the impurities as well as the dead cells.To do this, make a scrub at least once a week.Fine grain to the largest, make your choice according to Of course, sensitive skin will have to turn to a fine-grained scrub to avoid attacking the skin.Another important gesture, do not forget to hydrate your skin out of the shower.A well-hydrated skin absorbs better the agents present in the care , “says Emmanuelle Moirant.

The scrub

” Gumming your skin is the essential gesture to regain radiance This effectively eliminates dead cells and smoothes the skin texture.The scrub disinfects the epidermis of all impurities.It must absolutely be chosen according to the type of skin and take into account the degree of fragility of the skin.For example, a fragile skin will prefer a fine grain.

The peeling

“The peel is the ideal solution to unclog pores and boost cell renewal, it is also the ideal care to prevent the accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the skin.A dermatologist or at home, it is always necessary prepare the skin before It is an important step even essential to even the skin and allow a uniform penetration of the peeling exfoliation agent. ”

The anti-aging

It’s true throughout the year, but more than ever when you want to boost your skin. The arrival of good weather is an opportunity to change anti-aging cream. We always choose it adapted to its type of skin, but we opt for a lighter texture.

The mask

“After a peel, the skin needs to be rehydrated, so the mask is the ideal treatment, it activates cell renewal and deeply cleanses the skin, I strongly advise to make a mask once a week,”  says our expert, Emmanuelle Moirant.

The sunscreen

“From the spring, do not hesitate to protect yourself.If you have lunch on the terrace, put a cream with a higher sunscreen.Renew the application every two hours.A sunscreen applied the morning has no effect at noon. ”

Self-tanners to look good

“Spray, gel, cream … Choose the texture that you have the easiest to apply, pay attention to elbows and knees that are difficult to access, take a tissue to remove any surplus around the nails, between the fingers and toes but especially for the face. ”

Have a beautiful skin all year round

“Drink your water every day, exercise will reduce stress and your skin will say thank you, avoid alcohol as much as possible and the cigarette that blurs and dulls the complexion. ‘We forget but that is very important, it is sleep Sleep for eight hours a night minimum A quality sleep makes beautiful! insists Emmanuelle Moirant, Scientific Director Europe of Clinique.

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