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    List And Pictures Of Nigerian Celebrities Who Died Between 2011 ...

    Nollywood has been in existence for over twenty years now, ItÂ’s impact has been great in the African cinema. Sadly, there are some famous actors and actresses who had tremendous impacts but are no more now. Here is the list some of the famous deaths that have rocked Nollywood since 2011. Here are List Of Nigerian Celebrities Who Died Between 2011 and 2013:
    Very famous in playing the role of a villain in his movies, Nwosu’s death was as a result of a liver complication and he passed away at the military hospital in his hometown, Yaba in April 2011. His famous movies are Endless Night, Between Two Walls, Power Brokers, Foreign Affairs, Gift from the Grave and Lagos Babes.



    road accident pictures in nigeria - News

    Dana Plane Crash - an Emergency Officer's Account of Press Coverage
    Nigeria has recently continued to experience natural and man-induced disasters such as militia attacks, fire-outbreak, flood, rainstorm, road accidents among others, mostly on weekends lately. The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is

    Nigeria plane crash hit all social classes
    Nigeria plane crash hit all social classes Engines out, the pilot of the doomed Nigerian commercial airliner looked for somewhere to put down the aircraft, desperate for open space but finding only a sea of tin roofs and narrow dirt road As the plane burned, sending acrid white smoke

    *Point of Note On Behalf of The Uncelebrated Nigerian Road Accidents Victims
    *Point of Note On Behalf of The Uncelebrated Nigerian Road Accidents Victims The pictures of the accident circulated within an hour after the crash. This act is not bad,but it would have been more balanced if we also pay attention to the masses who die by their hundreds on Nigerian roads daily. It is my opinion,that the

    Three killed, 63 injured in road accidents
    Dumka/Giridih: Three persons were on Monday killed and 63 others injured in separate accidents in Dumka and Giridih districts of Jharkhand, police said. A bus overturned at Inderbani village of Dumka district

    PHOTOS: Nigerian singer Justina survives car accident in Germany
    PHOTOS: Nigerian singer Justina survives car accident in Germany Nigerian singer Justina Ogunlolu is thanking her stars and happy to still be alive after suffering a near-fatal car accident.

    Another Air Crash Averted - 89 Escape Death

    ANOTHER plane crash was, yesterday, averted in Kaduna as IRS Airline plane with 89 passengers on board was assisted to land in Kaduna after it developed mechanical problems. The aircraft was said to have had hydraulic problem and on landing at the airport had to discharge its passengers on the runway instead of taxiing to the parking lot.

    Speaking on the incident, Managing Director of IRS, Mr. Yemi Dada said, the F100 plane with registration 5N-HIR, left Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos for Kaduna with 89 passengers on board and "on final approach to Kaduna today (yesterday), our cockpit crew got a low hydraulic in System One warning and decided to take precautionary measures to ask for ground confirmation that all gears were down and locked. The aircraft landed normally after the control tower had confirmed that the gears were all down normally. The crew proceeded to land but followed procedure to disembark on the runway and not taxi in accordance with the procedure.

    "All passengers disembarked normally and the aircraft was towed to ramp. The maintenance crew are inspecting to confirm the issue that caused the warning to the crew. Updates will follow shortly."