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    Clarencefield woman dies after crash on B725 in Dumfires and ...

    A woman has died after a car collided with two riders and horses in Dumfries and Galloway.

    The collision took place on the B725 between Clarencefield and Bankend on Thursday.

    It is understood the two women were walking along the road with their two horses when the incident occurred.

    The driver of the car was uninjured in the collision.

    A spokeswoman fro Police Scotland said: "At About 5.15pm on January 16 on the B725 road a road traffic collision occurred involving a vehicle and two horses and riders."



    road accidents today in scotland - News

    Historic Wade Road is to be built over
    Representatives for Transport Scotland made the case for the £10.3 million dualling scheme covering the accident blackspot on the Inverness-Perth trunk road, which they said was designed to improve road safety. Despite vehement opposition from farmers,

    Five Teenagers Arrested Over M1 Chaos Blaze
    Five Teenagers Arrested Over M1 Chaos Blaze The disruption prompted the Government to order an audit of road and railways that could be at risk of industrial accidents. The fire-damaged section only fully re-opened six days after the blaze and further closures may be needed in future for further

    Motorcyclist killed in road crash
    Motorcyclist killed in road crash Northern Constabulary said the accident, which happened at about 1350 BST on Sunday, did not involve any other vehicles. The route was closed for about five hours after the incident to allow accident investigators to examine the scene.

    Speed traps net 128mph racers – and an Easter Bunny
    The other, aged 35, was detained in Fife. “The results show there is still much work to be done. Speed is a major cause of road accidents and will continue to focus our attentions on those who choose to drive in such a manner.”

    It's party time: Scotland gears up for the Royal Wedding
    It's party time: Scotland gears up for the Royal Wedding We came here by accident, really. Originally from Scotland, Jack's work in the oil industry allowed us to live and work in such places as South Africa, Spain and Norway. We eventually emigrated to Canada, but our heart always stayed in Scotland,

    Let market forces dictate whether road or rail offers the most effective service

    Spending £2.5m on average-speed cameras is unlikely to have any effect. Heavy goods vehicles are restricted to 40mph on single-carriageway sections of the A9. On the same sections, cars can do 60mph. The likely cause of these accidents is frustrated motorists caught behind slow-moving lorries travelling at their legal speed of 40mph. The frustration leads them to overtake where they shouldn't and accidents result.

    That lorries are the innocent victims in these accidents is not surprising. Where an accident has taken place, it is probable that both the car and lorry were within their legally-allowed speed limit. What effect will average-speed cameras have in preventing these accidents of frustration?

    We need effective road and rail transportation in Scotland. The trial project Lifting the Spirit to move whisky from Speyside to Central Scotland should stand on its own merits. It doesn't need an emotional attack on road transport and an appeal to keep heavy goods vehicles in the slow lane to bolster the cause for rail. Road and rail have their proper place in an integrated Scottish transport system. The market place should dictate where road or rail offers the most effective service.