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The 20 best exercises in body weight

Bodybuilding consists of applying resistance movements using the weight of your body (pumps, abs, traction …). Used in the disciplines of street workout , barhitting or crossfit , exercises can be practiced anywhere and anytime, since they require little or no material.

And they have the advantage of providing a cladding and a muscular volume, to develop the body in a harmonious way, Balanced Max Keto to bring flexibility and athletic silhouette, and to make you feel good in your body and in your head. Let’s see what are the 20 best exercises in body weight …

Beginner level exercises

The pumps strengthen the pectorals , the large serratus and the triceps. The back should be aligned as well as the palms, with respect to the shoulders , and the buttocks should not be raised.

Walking on the hands (handstand walk) consists of putting oneself in pear, balancing on hands, and walking on hands.

The glute ham raises the hamstrings (at the back of the thighs), the gluteus maximus and the triceps sural.

The lateral plate solicits the means and the large obliques (muscles on the side of the belly). It must be kept motionless for a few minutes.

Intermediate exercises

  • The L-sit (square) provides powerful arms and abdominal strap.
  • Ring fly is an excellent movement for triceps, backs, pecs, shoulders and abs.
  • Ring dips (dips to the rings) can work triceps because they require power and control.
  • Inverted shrugs make trapezes work . They consist of suspending and ascending to the strength of his trapeziums.

Tractions (pull-ups) are a polyarticular exercise of very common bodybuilding. They use the power to hoist over a bar (first bar at the forehead and then the chin above the bar) using his arms and use the weight of the body to develop the back muscles and arms.

Tug of war is a variant of the previous pulls which is done by grasping 2 ends of rope . It quickly develops strength and is effective in working triceps and back muscles.

Assisted squats are one of the 3 basic movements of athletic strength . Using a chair, a door frame or a pole, you have to rely on the power of the arms, pushing your hips backwards and climbing upwards.

Back squats work the quadriceps Balanced Max Keto and muscles well thighs. The leg then moves back to leverage.

The single leg hip trust is a suspended leg lifting exercise, excellent for the gluteal muscles.

The elevation of the legs is the most difficult exercise to perform but is very effective for the abdominals. He asks for a good control of his body and a good power in the arms.

The dive bomber push ups are a variation of pumps that work the whole body in one exercise. Using the abs, arms, chest, legs and back, this exercise improves the flexibility of the back, thighs and shoulders . It consists of making a round trip by approaching the chest of the ground, to go back then to go back.

Advanced level exercises

The pistols squats can work the thighs unilaterally very effectively and without equipment. Very difficult to master, a beginner will use a support to start and facilitate the exercise, because it consists of going down and back to the power of a leg.

The front lever is a truly complete movement that involves the majority of the body and is very important in the street workout . It combines cladding and power (from head to foot) because you have to have the body parallel to the ground. He thus makes work and develops enormously the back muscles and the abdominal belt.

Rope Climbing (rope climbs) is a vertical climbing rope exercise where you have to catch the rope alternately with your hands (always higher) and wrap your legs or feet around the rope (to block it).

The up muscle is a variant of pronation traction that solicits the muscles of the arms and the bust. The exercise is broken down into 3 parts: a pull with the body pulled behind the bar (and not on it), a transition where the body passes over the bar, a dip or repulsion on the bar.

The push-up handstand (vertical pumps) consists of placing the feet together at a distance of 70 cm from the wall, facing the wall, then placing the palms flat against the wall (thumbs inwards and indexes upwards) and to spread them a little more than the shoulders and with the arms extended. You must then bend your elbows and touch the wall with your nose and push your body back to its original position. Be careful, keep your head, legs and back well aligned and contract your buttocks and abs.

In conclusion, you can now set up your body weight training program . These 20 exercises allow you to train where you want and when you want. However, if they seem easy, you can add weight or practice with a weighted jacket.

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