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The ideal breakfast before doing a marathon

To participate and achieve great performance in a marathon eating habits play a fundamental role in sports development.

To participate and achieve great performance in a marathon , it is not only essential to prepare before it. But Shape Health Keto Reviews you must take into account other aspects of great value, such as proper breakfast or proper nutrition , for example.

The previous training is fundamental in the practice of any sport, it is what will determine the triumph of your skills. However, eating habits play a fundamental role in sports development .

In this article we explain what is the ideal breakfast and good food before running in a marathon .

The ideal breakfast before the marathon

At this point it is important to mention that food is what will mark your performance during the development of any sport. In this sense, food is what provides the fuel that the body requires to carry out a specific activity.

Breakfasts before physical activity should ensure that they are indicated to provide energy to the body. These types of foods should not be heavy, so you can avoid future stomach upset.

What kind of drinks can athletes drink before the marathon?

The fluid is also essential to keep the body in a neutral state. Before the marathon, every athlete must drink water or coffee .

  • Water is a vital fluid for the body, and is the most important source of hydration. On the other hand, coffee is a beverage that contains caffeine, which means it will keep your muscles awake and increase athletic performance.
  • Energy drinks. Energy drinks or “sports” drinks are also an excellent option before going out to the race, this type of drinks provide electrolytes and carbohydrates.
  • Chia water. Chia water is a drink loaded with vitamins, minerals and proteins. They even tend to be healthier than energy drinks or sports drinks.

Breakfast to eat before a marathon

Breakfast is a primary factor before performing any physical activity , since from this your body acquires the fuel necessary for the development of its activity.

Next, we explain what foods you should eat before a marathon:

  • The banana. It is an essential fruit as it provides carbohydrates and is loaded with potassium. Potassium is one of the electrolytes that strengthen sports performance.
  • The oats. Oatmeal provides benefits for athletes, provides carbohydrates and is one of the foods that have 9 essential amino acids.
  • The eggs. Eggs provide proteins Shape Health Keto that strengthen the energy in the body. This food can be made in several menus, such as salads and tortillas.
  • Natural juices. If we talk about drinks, a good natural juice is always a good option before a race. Natural juices provide vitamins and strawberry or orange juice is recommended.
  • They are simple in their preparation and are loaded with carbohydrates, these can be accompanied by egg tortillas.

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