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Top Body Challenge: 5 exercises!

The Top Body Challenge does not stop talking about him . The opinions are rather enthusiastic. Indeed, even if the proposed exercises are a bit difficult, the results are enough to motivate the troops! In twelve weeks, like a commando operation, at a rate of 30 minutes a day, the promise of a reshaped body is kept.

Concretely, here are 5 typical exercises of the TBC! Then, move your furniture to make you room, find a comfortable and flexible fit, i n stallez a small yoga mat or gym , start a tonic and lively music and get started. Each movement is done in series of 10 or 20 movements, which will make you work your cardio.

Exercise 1: Squats

Squats are scary but are ultimately easy to perform (except for people with joint problems who should not try it). In any case, they are very effective! How to proceed ? Ultra Keto Fuel At the beginning of the exercise, you stand with your feet a little apart. They must be spaced a little wider than your pelvis.

Spread the weight of your body on your heels. You can then lower yourself by keeping your bust very straight, your knees not protruding from your toes and the glutes pulling backwards. Get up and start again. This exercise also solicits your abs!

Exercise 2: Jumps

Here, you have one knee on the ground. The other leg is flexed but your back remains straight. Hands on hips, you will push on your feet to straighten up before jumping into the air and back down to your original position. After a series of 10 jumps, you change feet and start again.

Exercise 3: Long live sheathing!

You surely know this posture called the board . You are lying, facing the ground. You lean on your elbows and toes. The rest of the body stays upright but does not touch the ground. You must keep it as long as possible. Sheathing strengthens your muscles in no time.

Exercise 4: The bridge

This time, you’re on your back, lying on your gym mat . You spread your feet slightly to align with your hips. The arms are along the body. You then lift the pelvis and do a series of 20 up-downs before holding the position a moment. Release everything and start again!

Exercise 5: Abs

Inevitable, abdominal exercises are very effective: classic, crossed, sheathing, the possibilities are many so you can solicit all the muscles of the abdominal strap!

For more details, an explanatory sheet in pdf format is available on the internet , it presents the week 1 of the program with a simple explanation of the typical exercises.

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