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    Ethiopia launches campaign to cut road traffic accident « THE ...

    Diageo, owner of Meta Abo Brewery in Ethiopia and owner of hundreds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink brands globally, launched “Shoom Shufair don’t drink and drive campaign.

    Currently the number of Ethiopians who die due to road traffic accident has reached 3,000 per year excluding thousands of injuries and economic loses as a result of the burden.

    The campaign launched in partnership with the Ethiopian Road Transport Authority aims to reduce the death rate caused by traffic road in Ethiopia by raising the awareness.



    Another fatal air crash, yet again!

    Experts blame frequent air crashes on mediocrity

    The frequency of air accidents in Nigeria has confirmed that all is not well with the aviation sector, despite Aviation Ministry’s claims to the contrary. WOLE SHADARE writes that much of the woes are self-inflicted

    All appears not to be well with the Nigerian aviation industry. An unenviable record of seven accidents in less than two years, is  obviously the worst ever recorded under any administration. This further points to the fact that the sector needs an urgent rescue.

    Nigerians have been asked to see the Associated Airline’s accident of last week as, “inevitable, and as an act of God.” Far from it. It couldn’t possibly have been an act of God. Aviation analysts have asserted that the crash happened because of the failure by the authorities to do the right thing. To them, the Minister’s assertion is not only “escapist, but a contradiction of the federal government’s acclaimed remodelling of the sector, which is mainly not about safety and security of the industry.”