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    3 killed, 5 injured in multi-vehicle accident near ... - FOX5 San Diego

    CLAIREMONT MESA, Calif. – A series of crashes on a freeway transition ram killed three men and left five other people injured, including a 25-year-old San Diego man who was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, the CHP said Saturday.

    The suspected drunken driver was operating a 2000 Cadillac Escalade with five passengers north from Interstate 805 onto the transition ramp to westbound state Route 52 when he lost control about 11:15 p.m. Friday, according to the California Highway Patrol.



    san diego traffic accidents - News

    SDPD Sgt. Accused Of Stalking Fellow Officer To Stand Trial
    Five other San Diego police officers have been accused of various crimes over the past several months. A motorcycle officer whose name has not been released by the department is under investigation for allegedly causing an off-duty Feb. 22 traffic

    Off-Duty Cop Investigated in Traffic Accident
    By R. Stickney A San Diego police officer is under investigation for a Serra Mesa traffic accident that happened two months ago. The unidentified off-duty officer may have been involved in a Feb. 22 accident at around 6:30 pm near the Murray Ridge Road

    New Parking Spots Causing Concern For Drivers
    SAN DIEGO -- New diagonal parking spots in Sabre Springs are causing major concerns for North County drivers. The spots are located on Evening Creek Road in Sabre Springs. Drivers 10News spoke with were concerned that the cars parked in those spots

    ENCINITAS: Fatal hit-and-run suspect re-arrested
    Fernandez called Carlsbad police the next day and said he may have been involved in a traffic accident a day earlier. The dark-colored Dodge Ram 1500 pickup Fernandez owned ---- along with the damage to its front right side ---- matched the description

    Traffic Light Plan Upsets Scripps Ranch Residents
    Ilko summed up the opposition: "If you put in a signal light, it will cause accidents and create conflict and we want to avoid that." San Diego City Engineer Ann French Gonsalves told 10News the city would need to see a traffic signal warrant analysis,

    Rear-view cameras may be standard vehicle equipment aimed at reducing car ...

    Many car accidents in San Diego are preventable. Driving under the influence, distracted driving and even basic human error are just some of the ways car accidents occur but can easily be avoided. When accidents are caused purely on the basis of hindered visibility – such as accidents caused by backing into a pedestrian — the frustration is even more concerning. That’s because these types of accidents can be prevented with existing technology.

    By now, we ought to have standardized vehicle systems that aim to improve the safety of everyone on our roadways – not just those who can afford it. And it seems the federal government follows the same sentiment. In its latest recommendation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said Tuesday it would add rear-view camera systems to its list of safety features submitted to all car manufacturers in an effort to reduce accidents and improve safety.

    The New Car Assessment Program initiated by the NHTSA encourages car makers to equip vehicles with standardized safety equipment. Now, rear-view video systems will be added to the list of recommended features – but is it enough?