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Vanilla tea to lose weight?

Vanilla is a spice known for its fragrance and taste . Used in many recipes, it also has different virtues. To take advantage of these, one of the most interesting ways in which Advanced Keto Thermo it can be consumed is tea . This is an organic product that has interesting slimming assets. We talk about it in detail here.

The slimming properties of vanilla tea

Natural vanilla has a very low calorie content, about 52 kcal per 100g. His tea can be an excellent appetite suppressant in a diet to avoid snacking .

Also, the aroma of vanilla has a stimulating action on the nervous system and triggers in particular the production of serotonin . Commonly called the hormone of well-being, this hormone contributes to the balance of the nervous system and treats psychic problems such as anxiety, stress or anxiety.

Knowing that these problems are also at the origin of eating disorders that later lead to increased cortisol and fat accumulation in the abdominal region , vanilla tea is therefore an excellent ally in combating unannounced weight gain due to daily pressures.

Drink it every day

If you want to fully enjoy the slimming benefits of vanilla tea, you need to integrate it into your daily routine. Make a habit of taking it instead of your cup of coffee or your soda . You can prepare it in your thermomix and take it with you to work or any place to drink it all day long.

Drink your tea without adding

Do not add cream, milk or sugar to your vanilla tea . This could considerably increase the caloric value and cause the drink to lose all its slimming properties. If the scent of vanilla bother you, you can opt for one of the many caramel vanilla tea brands available on the market . You will surely enjoy them.

In addition, it is best to avoid small confectionery such as chocolates, shortbread and cakes . These are extra calorie tanks. Look for red fruits instead . They will go perfectly with your tea and enhance its effect.

Vanilla tea can be consumed during pregnancy provided you replace the water after one minute of infusion, with new water to finish the preparation. This avoids all the risks associated with the effects of theine on the pregnant woman . If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a doctor.

Vanilla tea is an excellent ally Advanced Keto Thermo REVIEWS for losing weight quickly. But beware, it is not enough on its own to lose weight and have a dream silhouette . Also try to adopt a balanced diet and practice a sport regularly.

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