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What calorie expenditure for hockey?

Hockey, in all forms, is an exciting sport but also physical . That’s why, by practicing it, you are indeed sure (e) to burn a lot of calories! In addition, this sport will bring you many other benefits. So, are you rather ice hockey, on turf, underwater? Anyway, you will lose weight!

What if we talked about “caloric expenditure”?

Let’s get into the heart of the matter without further ado. In training as in a match, you give yourself thoroughly. On ice skates or roller skates , you get on the puck, you dodge your opponents, you go hair in the wind, in short, you master the technique on the fingertips. Well, by spending so much time, you will burn about 600 kcal .

Imagine the total calories burned if you train just twice a week for pleasure. More if you want to be part of a team and win many victories!

What will bring me more practice of hockey?

That’s it, you have your equipment, your equipment and your partners! Now, you’ll learn more about the benefits of hockey. Besides the fact that such a team sport develops your confidence in you and your various abilities (leader, defender, team spirit, strategy …), your endurance will win , as well as your power and coordination. The more you play, the more effectively your body will eliminate its stored fat for the benefit of a new and improved musculature.

Is it a wise choice, to slim down?

If you are very overweight , no because your body will be subjected to intense effort, repeated shocks and your joints will face heavy constraints. Better to avoid so as not to hurt yourself. Hockey is also not recommended if you have a back, cardiovascular or respiratory problem. If you already practice or if you want to eliminate a few pounds with an effective sport and that your fitness is good, hockey is for you!

With its speed changes, technical skills, the alliance of a team sport and skating, hockey allows significant caloric expenditure while changing some of the more ordinary setting that many other sports offer . Water, ice and grass! Yes, alternating between all these disciplines can be rewarding and complementary, test them all!

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