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What exercises to build calves?

After a diet or simply when you want to get thinner, it’s common to want to target one or the other part of your body to build more muscle. Some people complex on their hips or stomach Rapid Fast Keto Boost Reviews while others want thinner calves and thighs . In this case, what exercises should be done to build up the calves quickly? At home, without specific equipment or machine, it is quite possible to work this precise part of the body.

The exercise of big and small jumps

Begin your session by performing “short” jumps. To do this, stand up, knees slightly bent, feet close together. So jump , as if you were jumping on the jump rope . Go as quickly as possible and make long series of 40 to 50 movements. This is to warm up and then make big jumps, larger.

The standing calf raise exercise

To build your calves , the solution is to simply do extensions by tiptoeing. A way to stretch the calves and therefore to solicit them in depth.

Choose a stable, thick and solid support for standing calves. The ideal is to use stairs or a stepper , for example. Place yourself on the edge of the stepper or step, heels in a vacuum. Elevate your heels by tiptoeing while contracting your calves. Hold in the high position for two to three seconds, then slowly lower your heels.

For more comfort, you can opt for a support (type wooden board for example) of 5 cm thick approximately (or a little more), to be able to rest the heels on the ground between each movement.

To carry out the movement well, take care to carry out it slowly but in a fluid way. Use your arms, if necessary, to keep your balance. The legs should remain straight and the back straight.

The seated calf raise exercise

Sit on a chair, hold dumbbells in your hands, placing them at the bottom of the thighs or place a bar on them to add a load during the ascent. Keep your back straight and lift your heels, toes in the ground, contracting your calves. Perform 3 sets of 20 movements.

In addition to these basic exercises, you can also do jump rope every day (which is similar to the principle Rapid Fast Keto Boost of jump exercises). So it’s easy to build your calves at home. Do not hesitate to climb the stairs on tiptoe, for example, to complete these exercises.

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