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What exercises to strengthen the trapezius?

Trapezes are muscles that extend from the lower neck, upper back, and shoulder to the spine, up to half back . It is thanks to them that you can raise or rotate with your shoulders and move your shoulder blades.

They also contribute to good Activate Keto posture on the entire back. There are several methods to work on them to have a more muscular back and more toned.

Here are three of them that you can easily integrate into your training program:

The pronation grip wide grip

This is the most used exercise to muscle trapezoids in gyms. It is done from a horizontal bar and allows to work the lower muscles of the back.

To do this, position your hands so that the space between them is wider than your shoulders and keep your palms forward. Then block your abs, keep your arms straight and pull the bar to try to bring your elbows to your ribs.

The ideal is that your chin goes up above the height of the bar. To avoid aches the next day, make sure to keep your back straight throughout the pulls, and most importantly, do not dig your neck.

The shrug

Still called shrug, this gym exercise allows you to work especially mediants of your trapeze. It is usually done with dumbbells. But if you do not have one, it is also possible to do without equipment; Water bottles will do the job very well.

This is the ideal solution if you are a woman and want to do this exercise every day at home.

To make your shrug, take a dumbbell or a bottle in each hand, spread your feet a little wider than your pelvis and stretch your arms. The exercise involves lifting the shoulders by inhaling and descending them while exhaling while keeping the back straight. Make slow movements to really strain your muscles. Using the dumbbells, the ideal is to get to lift twice the weight of the body.

Of course, you can go gradually until you reach that goal.

Side elevation leaning bust

This exercise can be used to strengthen the deltoids to develop the back of the shoulder and the central part of your back. To do this, stand up and keep a light dumbbell in each hand. Then, Activate Keto Reviews lean forward to position your back horizontally on the floor and flex your knees to maintain balance.

As soon as you are in a stable position, exhale deeply, bringing your arms as high as possible above the level of the back and breathe back to their original position. Watch a slight pause and resume the same movement.

Here ! You know what you have to do in your next theatrical session. If you are not a fan of bodybuilding, you can also use swimming (backstroke for example) to strengthen your trapezius. Water provides some resistance that allows you to quickly refine your body.

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