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What is the ideal lunch for a sportsman?

Often neglected and consumed quickly, lunch is an important meal in the day, especially for a sportsman if he wants to perform. The meal must be complete and balanced.

What is an ideal lunch for an athlete?

Lunch should bring to the body all the nutrients necessary for its proper functioning (about 40% of the calorie needs of the day) and more particularly proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

To cover carbohydrate needs , you can eat whole pasta, brown rice, bulgur, whole grains or legumes. As for proteins (essential for an athlete because they facilitate the stability of energy and contribute to the maintenance of muscle tissue), you can find them in fish, poultry, ham, egg, or even in the cottage cheese that you can mix with oatmeal or muesli.

Also favor the consumption of fruits and vegetables especially for the supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

A different lunch depending on the case

The ideal lunch varies according to the sportsmen, and mainly according to 3 criteria which are the type of activity , the intensity (beginners or confirmed) and finally the type of diet (without gluten, vegetarian ..).

So a lighter lunch is enough if you are doing an activity that burns a limited number of calories while you have to favor a high carbohydrate lunch for endurance activities or activities requiring many efforts because carbohydrates have the role of us provide energy.

Similarly an athlete will change his diet depending on the type of diet: for example, a vegan compensate for the absence of dairy products by a mixture of cereals, fresh or dried fruits and some oilseeds .

Why is lunch so important?

Many people, including athletes, have lunch on the run, preferring not to waste too much time during the lunch break. By doing so, they deprive their body of essential nutritional inputs to face the afternoon in the best conditions. Without these contributions, you will feel weak, tired and with a big craving .

And the athlete will lack endurance and lucidity in his activity and physical exercises.

Spending time at lunch is not a waste of time; on the contrary. This meal, which is traditionally divided into three parts (starter, main course, dessert) is an opportunity to make a break during the lunch break while giving your body everything it needs for the day.

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